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On Dec 18th we got a notice that our app had passed functional testing and was now awaiting a security review. I would like to enquire as to how long this process takes as we are about to hit one month since said notice. The response times previous to this (during the functional review feedback phase) were outstanding and the delay has me concerned there might be an issue. Please advise as to when you will complete the review or if we need to research other solutions due to problems etc
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Hi @dcor
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!

The Security review team is currently experiencing a heavy volume of Marketplace Apps to review. For submissions which have passed the Functional review and are currently awaiting the Security review - the expected review/response time is ~2 weeks. Once your app is actively being reviewed, please expect an update from the team in 24-48 hours (not including weekend hours). Please ensure that you have included the mandatory Technical Design Document (TDD) in your submission.

Hope this helps,

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