How to connect to Zoom storage?


We are a software house in Hong Kong, our developer wants to use Buy it now - Zoom to develop live streaming (video conference) in the APP, it is $1000?/year? or needed to buy plan ? very confusion…

Also, the APP needed recording to Zoom cloud, so is it provide cloud SDK or API ? we saw the APP included cloud recording API, will it recording to Zoom cloud storage?


Hi @wilsonkwok,

Thank you for reaching out about this, and good questions.

First, regarding the Video SDK which you’ve linked to—the pricing for this is usage based.

Video SDK Service will be measured based on the total number of meeting session minutes in a month attributable to the meeting sessions launched by Customer and/or users of Customer’s application (“Meeting Session Minutes”). For example, if five (5) end users participate in a 10 minute meeting session through Customer’s application, then fifty (50) total Meeting Session Minutes will be used. Partial minutes used are rounded up.

In regards to the API endpoints you’re referencing, please note that these are separate from our Video SDK. Our standard meeting/cloud recording APIs do not support our SDK or work in conjunction with our SDK. For recording in the Video SDK, you will need to handle storage externally.

If you have further questions about our Video SDK, I encourage you to post them here: #web-video-sdk


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