How to consume and present QOS data

Our network engineers want us to use the data available from the Get Meeting Participants QOS API endpoint to track a Mean Opinion Score (MOS) on a dashboard for them with low latency. If anyone else is doing something like this, would they be able to share 1) How they derived the MOS from the data, and 2) How they presented this visually?



Hi @william.campbell (as you may have gathered) this QOS data is the raw data from which a MOS score would be derived. We don’t currently have a direct 1-1 comparison for acceptable thresholds, but encourage you to evaluate this on your end.

We have Meeting Alert Events which will deliver time-stamped notifications on meeting IDs which are experiencing a number of potential quality issues. Listening for these, then using QoS APIs to diagnose issues on an individual level is a common use case.

Additionally, we do have a Data Visualization Sample App which uses our Dashboard APIs:

Let us know if there’s any direct guidance we can give!