How to create a custom Schedule Panel with API Zoom?

Hello, I am new here, I would like to create a panel with .Net Core that has all the options to schedule a zoom session. For now I have only been able to create a session using SecretKey of JWT Credentials. For example, develop as a kind of form that are the parameters to schedule and create sessions.

Is this possible? Is there some documentation?
What could be the steps to follow?

Thanks so much.

Do you need the request? i made it in php. or you need help with the form? i made a form but is made in HTML and uses javascript to proccess the data and send to php script to make the zoom api requests…
and… i need help too… do you know how to add the speaker view/grid view buttons inside a meeting in the zoom app that i integrated to my page? there is only fullscreen option at the top of the meeting… i can help you but i need help too… :slight_smile:

thanks and luck!

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Thanks for reaching out! You should be able to create a form on your website and use the Create a Meeting API to create meetings for users under your account.

If you create an OAuth App and publish that to the marketplace then you can create meetings for users that install your app.

@socialmedia2 Thank you for your input! It’s always awesome to see community members helping out.

When it comes to the issues you’re having switching to Gallery View, it sounds like enabling Web Isolation worked for that. Let me know if you are still seeing any issues.


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