How to create a custom visual background app?

I’m looking for advice and a place to start in order to build a custom visual background app.

In detail:

  1. How to implement an interface where the user (you) can choose from our backgrounds to display a virtual background inside the meeting?
  2. How to actually set the selected image as virtual background in the users client?

Thanks for any hint!
Best regards Andreas

Hi @AndreasDavid,

Thanks for reaching out!

To clarify, do you wish to develop an app where the users can specify virtual backgrounds to be used in meetings (ahead of time), or are you looking to develop an app that works in-meeting, near real time?

The latter is not yet possible, but is coming soon!

Let me know—thanks,

Hello Will,

thank you very much!
I’d like to develop an app “where the users can specify virtual backgrounds to be used in meetings (ahead of time)”.

Best regards


Hi @AndreasDavid,

Thanks for confirming.

In this case, this should be possible by creating an OAuth App:

This would allow you to request access to view/manage a user or account’s virtual backgrounds via API. You’d receive an access_token from authorized users which would allow you to then call our Virtual Backgrounds APIs on their behalf, as part of your app:

Let me know if this helps to point you in the right direction!


Thanks Will,

I think I’m on a good way now and it’s much less complicated than I thought.

Glad to hear it!


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