How to create meeting rooms at will?

I am trying to create a custom web page that will create meetings at will (possibly with the help of a backend, but frontend is preferred). For instance, following scenario:

  1. Create 3 meetings (MeetingRoom1, MeetingRoom2, MeetingRoom3).
  2. Being able to query the list of meetings and join one of them programmatically.
  3. Dispose of the meeting.

All JavaScript examples I am seeing are geared toward joining a meeting that’s been setup on the Zoom website.

Is it possible to do what I want? If so, is there a sample?

Hey @rgelbhb,

You can use the Zoom API to create and list meetings. :slight_smile:

That being said, make sure to call the Zoom API from the server side, otherwise you will run into cors errors if you call it from the frontend.


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