How to create "Redirect URL for OAuth" in Python?

Can you help me please?
I need to integrate with Power BI and when creating my application in ZOOM (OAuth 2.0), it asks for a Targeting URL, but I don’t know how I can get this URL.

App Credentials
Redirect URL for OAuth (Provide the URL where Zoom can send the access token after the user completes the OAuth authentication.)
But I don’t have it.

Happy me please.


Hi @moliveira ,

A redirect url serves the following:

If this app is going to be published, you would have a designated url set aside by your company.

If this is a non-publishing app for personal use, you can use as a redirect url and it will append the authorization code to the url in the browser for you to continue authentication.

We have a detailed guide on this here: Guide: Making a Zoom API Call with OAuth Credentials in Postman - #5 by gianni.zoom

Is it possible to consume the API without using this return URL? Because I couldn’t get the URL as you said, using Google or the domain. Can you give me another example, please?
Well, I’m not going to use Postman.

Hi @moliveira ,

This should work for whatever default browser you’re using. It would pop open a tab with the call back code at the end of the url. Can you make sure allow popups are enabled?