How to custom zoom sdk so the video meeting can be running in the background?

Hello, so I am trying to build an android app/flutter app that implement zoom in the background.

So I want my zoom or zoom that on going can be running in the background, so the user can be use my application instead the user still on the meeting room.

My first question, is this function available in zoom video sdk/zoom meeting sdk?

My second question, if this function available, which one sdk I have to choose? the video sdk or the meeting sdk?

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I only have experience with the meeting SDK. But I can confirm that meetings can run in the background. The SDK will put an on-going meeting notification in the notification bar, which I assume is a result of using a foreground service to keep the app alive while in the background.

For your second question, the SDK you choose is based on if you want to integrate with scheduled Zoom meetings or personal meeting rooms. If you do, you want the meeting SDK. If you only want to use more ad-hoc style video calls between devices, you can use the video SDK. But you won’t be able to join traditional Zoom meeting rooms if you use the video SDK.


Thank you for your answer, but it’s not what I mean.

I can completely understand, if I already join zoom meeting with the SDK and then I press the home button, the zoom will be available in notification bar as a on going meeting.

My goal is to minimize zoom meeting / let zoom meeting running in background / something similiar, while you can go to another screen/activity in the same app of zoom SDK already installed.

Example Picture

in current behavior, Zoom meeting SDK already running or start, but if I want to go another screen/activity, I have to close the zoom meeting first.

So the question, is the feature available in this zoom meeting sdk ?

If you use a custom meeting UI in your SDK app, you are in control and can do almost anything you want. In my app, I allow the user to leave the screen that contains the meeting video views and go to different screens in the same app. You could also minimize the video views like your example shows.

Refer to MeetingSettingsHelper.setCustomizedMeetingUIEnabled(boolean).

Hello, I have same problem here, can you provide me the documentation that contains step step to custom meeting UI? the docs in website zoom meeting SDK is so helpless

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