How to disable to breakout room joining/leaving progress page and build custom UI for it

I have designed my app using custom UI enabled . I want to do custom design for Leaveing/Joining Break out room page . It there any way to do that?

One more thing , when ‘App on top’ permission is enabled then Breakout room status ui is visible otherwise not visible.

Please help me out.

Hi @rahul.pandey, thanks for the post.

Since you mentioned that you are using a custom UI, the appearance of the in-meeting UI is not controlled by the SDK. As a result, this is not something that we can assist with as you are solely responsible for maintaining the UI of your app. If there is anything directly related to SDK usage in your app that you would like help with, please let me know and I will be more than happy to help. :slightly_smiling_face:


May be you have taken me in a wrong way.

Is there any way to hide Break out room joining/leaving page as attachment?

Hi @rahul.pandey,

If you are asking about the default meeting UI, this cannot be modified.

Since you mentioned that you are using a custom meeting UI, you are able to change any UI defined in your app as you please. Enabling a custom meeting UI means that you are telling the SDK you will handle 100% of the UI.


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