How to disconnect user if host not available?

Hi , in some meeting we have turned on the setting , ‘Can user join before host’ , after initiating call from user side when , when host is not available , users are able to join the meeting , but if host doesn’t join in next 60 seconds then call should automatically disconnect .

How can we do this with MOBILE SDK for iOS ??

is there any delegate which tell , host is not available, if we can get this information at the time of connecting call , we can run the timer as disconnect , but still we are not able know wether the Host is available in meeting or not

Which version?

[v4.3.1.47201.0322 ] (

Hi dhiraj,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Our SDK is the meeting client SDK, thus the features in the Zoom IM are not available. If you are referring to the status (whether the host is available or not) shown as, this is the IM feature thus I am afraid it is not included in the Zoom SDK.

Hope this helps. Thanks!