How to display a recorded webinar via web sdk?

How to display a recorded webinar via web sdk?

Hi @gabriel.moraes,

For clarification, you want to be able to playback an existing webinar within the WebSDK correct? If so, then we do not directly allow that feature. A workaround would be to play the webinar within a video player on your computer, then click share screen, from there you have an option to choose which screen or application to share to attendees.

Let me know if this helps



Hi Michael.

Thanks for answering.
I need to show a recorded webinar.
My need is to show the video of the webinar that took place the day before. I need to display the video on my platform, without using an iframe. Via iframe causes me a problem, because the screen is not responsive.

Hey @gabriel.moraes,

The recording video itself is responsive if you embed it in a responsive way via CSS.