How to edit the meeting topic of personal meeting room from android sdk

Am starting meeting from android sdk with personal meeting id. but there is no option to set the topic . it always shows “Prabhakar Sharma’s personal meeting room”. I would like to keep it dynamic as per my need.

Hi prabhakar.sharma,

Thanks for the post. You could change the meeting title before you start the meeting, just change the custom_meeting_id in MeetingOption(, after you start the meeting, you could not change the title dynamically.


Hi @carson.zoom am talking about meeting topic for personal meeting room
In wait room it shows “prabhakar Sharma’s meeting room”. I tried editing it from web also but no option was provided

Hey @prabhakar.sharma !

The Personal Meeting Room Title/Topic is immutable as far as I know. We don’t allow modifying that topic name, because you can just create a meeting and customize the topic on the newly created meeting.

Here’s the official support link about the PMI:

Hi @bdeanindy event if i want to start to a new meeting than also there is no option to set topic from android sdk. To be noted am talking about topic and not custom meeting id.

The Android SDK does have an interface to set meeting topic while scheduling the meeting (, but using API to schedule an meeting would also work.

We recommend using the API since any field changes happen there first and the SDK is updated later (so you’re always on the most recent version and don’t encounter issues).

Sorry, but that is just very impractical, since we have to change it every single time. Why does it have to be standardized like that?
Can we make that feature be made possible on the next update?

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Hey @evans.vge,

Thanks for your feedback. Feel free to add this as a feature request here: #feature-requests