Start a meeting scheduled through the SDK, with meeting ID

SDK Version: 5.2.42043.1112

I scheduled a meeting through my app and saved the generated meeting ID. Now at the corresponding time, I want to start the same meeting. How do I do that? For Android.

I went through the Zoom SDK Documentation section 2.2.2 and it mentions using ZoomMeetingUISettingHelper class which I cannot find in the full SDK reference here.

While scheduling the meeting, I also specified my required options for the meeting. So, I would like to start with the same options.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @yogen, thanks for using our SDK.

Apologies for the confusion on the helper. That is something that is implemented in our sample app and is not part of the SDK itself.

You seem to have the right approach and just need to create an instance of MeetingOptions. We have some additional documentation on this specific topic here. If there is anything in particular that is unclear in this section, please don’t hesitate to reach out and I’ll be happy to help!


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Hi @jon.zoom ,

Thanks for your quick response. From the link you provided and the SDK reference, I understand that MeetingOptions can be used to enable/disable certain meeting options.

I referred to one of your previous answers, and it helped.

This is my working code.

val params = StartMeetingParams4NormalUser()
params.meetingNo = meetingID.toString()
mMeetingService.startMeetingWithParams(this@ScheduleMeeting, params, MeetingOptions())

I wanted to ask if there’s a way I can set the number of participants while scheduling my meeting???
I checked MeetingOptions, MeetingItem and PreMeetingService.

Hi @yogen, glad to hear you found a previous post useful!

Currently, there is no way to limit the number of participants in a meeting through the SDK. There may be a way to manually manage this, but for that I would recommend checking our general support page for guidance on whether or not that is possible.


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