How to Enter Zoom Room on TV with Remote Control on a WebClient?

We have developed an Apple TV like settop box called SironaTV. SironaTV uses Linux and uses the chrome browser as a webclient. SironaTV is created for seniors to access the benefits of the net for example: Today, seniors can do video chats (as has a camera and 6 MICs) with family, see family album, play games and take part in YouTube streamed classes.

Zoom with its two way classes makes classes interfactive.

Our seniors clients most are 80+ like to participate in these zoom classes and particiate in zoom telehelath sessions with their doctors. However accessing Zoom on time and easily on tablets and smart phone is difficult for these seniors - hence

How a meeting on SironaTV should happen

  1. Instructuor sends a link to a zoom meeting in a notfication message to SironaTV.
  2. Senior presses OK on their remote to join the meeting
  3. Seniors particiapte in the live class.


  • Device: SiranaTV (Linux based set top box, connects to a TV using HDMI)
  • OS: Linux
  • Browser: Chrome

Issue and Resolution
Today accepting and joining a Zoom room has a number of steps which are designed for a user on a laptop or a tablet/smart phone touch screen.

These steps cannot be performed using a remote control (which only Enter and Navigation keys) making integration of Zoom webclient on a TV/remote control device diffcult.

We are looking for a way where we can join a Zoom Room using a webclient (chrome browser) by just clicking/going to that link and with no extra step.

I thank you for your time to review and point us in the right direction.

Hi @sanjay.chadha ,

I do not believe this is currently supported, but let me double check!


Requirements are pretty small and the benefits to over 35M senior community in US and over 100M worldwide huge! Let’s make this happen!

(See the possibility:

Hi @sanjay.chadha ,

I stand corrected. Since Zoom Room are programmatically meetings, you can join them from an SDK!


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