Zoom on an Android Smart TV

Actually looking for an appliance that could grant access to Zoom meeting for example an android TV-Box such as a Xiaomi Mi Box set-top box or an app directly on a Smart TV. This is ment for meeting rooms in hospitals to enable isolated old people to digitally socialize with families. It must be a very simple apliance easy to handle by the elderly.


Yea, that would be awesome. But if you want the community to see this, maybe you can put this topic here.


Hey @claes,

Checkout Zoom for Home, which can put Zoom Meetings / Webinars on a TV:


How does your Licenses look. This issue is primarly ment for retired hospitalized people to be able to socalize with children and relatives back home especially in this Corona situation.

It should also be simple to operate. for example outside part to send invitations to join meetings.

Do you know if there as any app built in in Android SmartTV that supports Zoom

Hey @claes,

Zoom for Home works with any license, even the Free one.

You can read more about it here: https://zoom.us/docs/en-us/zoom-for-home.html


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