How to get a user's role?


When getting a user’s information(using the “me” endpoint), it looks like user’s role is not returned? Specifically, we want to know whether a user is in admin role or not. How to do that?

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Hi @navinmishra,

You can use the roles API.

  1. - To find the type of role
  2.{role_id}/members - To see if the user is an admin for the role.

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Thanks for your reply, @michael_p.zoom . What I discovered it that when I use my admin account access token to fetch the members for a role, I get the following error -

“code”: 124,
“message”: “Invalid access token, does not contain scopes: [role:write:admin, role:read:admin]”

However, when configuring scopes for my app, I don’t see the “role” scopes listed there.
What am I missing ?

FWIW, I can use the API successfully when I use the api key and api secret using the jwt. But I need to be able to access the api using the access token.

Could you help please ?

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Hi @rajeev.pitre,

To get admin scopes, your app needs to be an account-level app.


Hi @michael_p.zoom,

I believe the app is account level -


Hi @michael_p.zoom,

Also I do see the roles once I use the api key and secret -


Hi @michael_p.zoom,

I also happen to have admin privileges -

Still, an access token obtained with my privileges doesn’t seem to have access to the “roles” api. Also, I don’t see the necessary scopes listed to be included for my app.

Is there anything else that I’m missing ?


Rather than getting the user’s role, (or as the API calls it: “getting the members of a role”), I would think you care more about the permissions that a user has. Specifically, if you want people who can perform specific actions, then you can retrieve the permissions directly via:

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Im having this same issue as well. Is this a bug perhaps?

I am account level admin and I dont see role:write:admin role:read:admin in scope.

Hi @jhavel.hayes
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, if you are still having this issue please open up a new topic since this one has been closed