Scopes in Role information api

We can set the scope of each setting field in the role settings ( there are 2 options in scope: entire account, custom group). But the scope is not returned when we fetch the role information from the api.
Is there any way to get it through api?

Hi @rupinder.goyal
Thanks for reaching out to us.
When you generate the access token, do you see the scope that you are expecting?

@elisa.zoom Hi,
I did not try but I went through the api page , privilege field has its fixed set of strings and there is no other relevant field.

Do you mean that you do not get the scopes assigned to certain role when you call the endpoint Get a role?

I am talking about the get role information api.
Yes,it is not in the response schema.

I believe this is expected, because the scopes will vary according to each application

@elisa.zoom But for each role and each privilege, there can be only 1 scope, which can be returned through the api.

@rupinder.goyal could you point me to what endpoint you are calling please?

I am calling /roles/{roleId} @elisa.zoom

Hi @rupinder.goyal
When I call the endpoint Get Role information, I get something that looks like this:

    "id": "----",
    "name": "Developer",
    "description": "Access to Marketplace Dashboard\n",
    "type": "common",
    "total_members": 1,
    "privileges": [
    "sub_account_privileges": {}

Can you please share the response you are getting?

Hi @elisa.zoom ,
I see similar results. But for some privileges like Recording:read , there is a concept of scope ( you can find it in role settings, it can either be entire account or a set of groups). The response of the role info does not contain that. How do I get that?

do you mean this one?

@elisa.zoom yes, this is the one I am talking about.

I see. It looks like there is no way to return that data via API right now.
Feel free to make a feature request for that issue here:

@elisa.zoom one more quick question, The share url of the recording changes everytime I click on share. Why is it so? Is there any way to find out about the recording uuid from the url itself?

Hi @rupinder.goyal
I do not believe so, the only way to get the recording id is by calling the endpoint
Get meetings recording endpoint