How to get all files that have been recorded with the Zoom Cloud during one session?

Dear Staff,
Could you help us to find a way to download all recorded files during the particular session? The reason why we ask is the RC generates numbers of files in case if host been disconnecting by webinar and connected again during the session… The we see 2-3 files during the session but we can download only the last one with the API.
What is the proper way to get it all?

Hey @andrey.petrenko, thanks for reaching out!

Have you tried passing in the meeting/webinar UUID instead of the meeting/webinar ID?

GET /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings
“The meeting ID or meeting UUID. If given the meeting ID it will take the last meeting instance.”

Let me know if that works!


Thank you for your support!
Could you help us with the idea how to get complete list of UUID that related to particular meeting ID?


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Hey @andrey.petrenko happy to help!

Can you try our List Past Meeting Instances endpoint? It will return the UUID’s and start times from a meeting ID.