How To Get Complete User Duration If Meeting Having Multiple Instances

I Have Integrated The Zomm APIs For Schedule Meeting, Join & Download The Usage Report For Meeting In Automated Mode. But In Usage Report I Found An Issue While Fetching From API


  1. Like I Was having A Scheduled Meeting 09 AM To 10 AM @ Indian Time
  2. Meeting Taken By Respective Host.
  3. Due To Any Connectivity Issue Meeting Breaks Into Two Parts (i.e. Usage Report Showing Report For This Meeting Into Two Parts)
    1. 09:00:38 To 09:34:21 AM
    2. 09:41:01 AM To 10:00:12 AM
  4. It Mean This Meeting Held From 09 To 10 Overall

But Zoom APIs returning the data of only second part for any report i.e. if I Call Any API Which Is Available To The API Directory For Report of Meeting Like
All Such Report Showing That Meeting Held Only For 20 Minutes

Note :
Duration of Every Participant Is Import Because We Calculate ABSENT/PRESENT Based On Their Duration.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Using JWT

Screenshots (If applicable)

Additional context
Sir Problem Can be Resolved if By Meeting ID API Club All The Instance of Same Meeting ID (Not Recurring) Return Multiple Instance Data Or Club Them Into Single One.

Hi @classroom13, to get a Participant Report from a specific instance, use the UUID of the meeting instance rather than the meeting ID. Using the meeting ID in the path will return the most recent occurrence.

List all meeting occurrences: