Response error for participant duration 0 "persisiting"

Hi Team, I had posted an issue related to zoom response for meeting participants where in the duration is 0. The issue is still persisting

Meeting Id: [REDACTED]
API to get instances
end point:
resposne :
“meetings”: [
“uuid”: “[REDACTED]”,
“start_time”: “2021-05-25T15:30:28Z”

Using this meeting instance, we’re trying to find the report for participants.
API end point:[REDACTED]/participants
Response error for this participant object:
“id”: “JLBJCxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“user_id”: “16xxxx0”,
“name”: “Hari Prasad”,
“user_email”: “[REDACTED]”,
“join_time”: “2021-05-25T15:30:28Z”,
“leave_time”: “2021-05-25T15:30:28Z”,
“duration”: 0,
“attentiveness_score”: “”,
“failover”: false,
“customer_key”: “”

This participant “Hari Prasad” had attended for completed 60 minutes, and yet the duration is 0.

The tutor had joined via the meeting link that is generated from zoom. I can email the zoom link and tutor is using zoom desktop app. You can also see the recording for participant Hari Prasad.

Please do look into this issue, this is the 3rd time this is being reported, and there are uch more cases where this is happening. Please do post if there’s any other api which is reliable apart from this api in order to get the attended duration for each participant in the meeting instance.

Hi, @karthik.rt,.

Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum. Would you be able to send your account details along with API’s you’re requesting to From there we can look at your account and see if the Engineering team needs to troubleshoot. Also, please include a link to this thread in that email.


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