How to get count of live participant in webinar through api


I try dashboard as well as webinar group API to get a live count of participants in a webinar. But getting incorrect participant count. Eg. when I joined the webinar from my mobile. count of participant get increased but when I left the webinar count doesn’t get a decrease. it showing me twice with the same id and with different user_id. How can I get the only count of a live participant in my API response?


Hi @sagarshinde573,

The correct API to use is - Is it just you testing the API or do you have others joining the webinar as well.



Hi Michael,

We want only currently an active participant. This API Showing the logs. In and out time of participant.


Sagar Shinde


Hi @sagarshinde573,

Currently our APIs only shows who has joined and not the participants who are currently live in the meeting. I can reach out to our Engineering to see if this is a possible use case to implement for a future release.