How to get invite url if you are not host or co-host?

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if the user is joined to the meeting and opens a Zoom App when its role is not host or co-host the method for zoomSdk getMeetingJoinUrl does not work. Users can still see the invite join URL through the UI, but cannot retrieve it using zoom app? Can we get join URL without host and co-host interaction through the app?

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Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. Currently, the supported roles for the zoomSdk getMeetingJoinUr are Host and Co-Host.

Hey @donte.zoom,

Yes, I have read the documentation and know the supported roles. My question would be is there any possibility somehow using Zoom API or other services to get that URL? It should be somehow possible decoding values or reaching out the Zoom API and then grabbing the meeting URL?

Yes, you can get the meeting URL via the following Zoom Rest API endpoints.

Get a meeting (returns join_url)

Get meeting invitation (returns meeting invitation)

Create meeting’s invite links

Please note that in order to obtain meeting information for users outside of your account, you will need to publish an OAuth app. The user will then need to authorize your app, allowing you to obtain an access token and make requests to retrieve their Zoom user data.

Hey @donte.zoom , thank you for your reply. What we are currently experiencing is:

  1. User #1 (Host) starts a meeting from his personal room
  2. Share the meeting ID and password with other user #2
  3. User #2 joins the meeting and User #1 accepts him to the meeting
  4. User #2 opens the panel app on his Zoom and using server-side Zoom API with his auth token gets meeting details /meetings/{meetingId}

The result is that the meeting is not found, but if we try to get the meeting with the meeting id of the user’s #2 personal room ID then it returns the info correctly. So the user is not the host and doesn’t have permission to get any info about the meeting even though he was already accepted to the meeting by the meeting host?

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Hey @donte.zoom maybe you know the solution for scenario mentioned above?

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@tadas7 ,

It seems that User 2 is not in the same account as User 1, which is why the meeting cannot be found. Please note, server-to-server marketplace apps are designed for internal integrations; the authentication token will not work if the user is not in the same account. If you want to access Zoom account data for users outside of your account, you should use an OAuth App instead of a server-to-server app. After the user authorizes your app, you can make requests to the Zoom API to retrieve their account data.