Unable to access meeting URL for roles other than 'owner'

In my app, I need to access the current Zoom meeting’s URL using the Zoom App SDK. The limitation with getMeetingJoinUrl( ) is that it only works for the meeting owner whereas I need access to the URL regardless of the user’s role in the meeting.

Is there any other SDK method that can be used for this? Or any future updates that would allow access to the meeting URL to all roles?

We currently don’t have this on our agenda to expand roles, you can request the feature here: https://portal.productboard.com/nsh3c2ofzhlj5rstqxwnbfp4/tabs/57-later

You can possibly circumvent this with passing the meetingUrl to your backend after its retrieved from the owner, and allowing any other app instance / role to retrieve it.

Hello, thanks for the quick response. Just to make sure I understand correctly, meeting ‘owner’ is not synonymous with meeting ‘host’ here, right?

@mubashira.salman Yes, that’s correct