How to get meeting Id and password in code when instant meeting started?

When I host a meeting, or we can say start an instant meeting, some how I need to get the meeting id generated using code. When I start meeting I can see there is meeting id and password displayed on top of the meeting screen. Using that meeting number and password any one can join the meeting I started. Well, in my iOS project I need to use that meeting id in code so that the user who is joining the meeting don’t need to manually insert meeting id and password every time I start the instant meeting. This may seem a bit strange but this is the requirement of my project.
According to my understanding there should be any delegate method or any api response that contains this id of instant meeting.
I am able to read meeting number in given method as:

func onMeetingReady() {
print(“meeting ready”)
let pw = MobileRTCInviteHelper.sharedInstance().meetingPassword
let meetingNumber = MobileRTCInviteHelper.sharedInstance().ongoingMeetingNumber

here in code above the meeting number is exactly what we see on top of meeting screen as meeting number. But the password got here is some sort of string as:
My question is how can I get password here.
And another thing I want to know is :-> is it required to have password in meetings? Can I start meeting without having password? If yes, How? If no, How to get password in code?
Thanks in advance !!

Which version?
that I got from this link:

Hi rj1234ios,

Thanks for the post. The code snippet you are showing is the right way to get the meeting password. All related info is available in MobileRTCInviteHelper. If you do not want to have a password by default with your meetings, you could configure it in the web portal:

They are enabled by default to protect your meetings. You may disable it if it against your use cases, but please be aware of the risk after disabling the password.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

If you’re looking to get the shorter password displayed at the top of the meeting screen use the code below instead:


Exactly what I was looking for. Your answer is late but exact. Thanks!!!

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Thanks @tewodroswondimu! :slight_smile:

Let us know if you have additional questions @rj1234ios!


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Hello, i am looking to implement the same thing in android application. How do i get the meeting password for android ?

Hi @codelogicapp,

You may use InMeetingService.getMeetingPassword(

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hey thanks for your help, even though the help was late i already figured out the way to get the meeting’s password. Thanks

Glad to hear that you have found the solution. We are having increasing demands on supports and have limited bandwidth so the respond time is longer than before. Happy Zooming!

Hi, how to get meeting id and password of meeting in android sdk after start meeting?

after this code:
int res = meetingService.startInstantMeeting(context, opts);

Hi @mmeyahi,

You may get the meeting ID and the meeting password using the following interfaces: