How to get more than one recording for a given webinar ID?


I’ve started to migrate from using API V1 to V2.
In V1 I could get all recordings for a given webinar, as I could pass the page size to get multiple recordings.
But using V2 I can only pass the webinar ID and it only returns the last recording.
Using this API: GET /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings

Is there a parameter or another API to get more than one recording for a given webinar ID?

Hey @sarahp, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

True, the v2 Cloud Recording endpoints are either per webinar instance, or by userId.

Have you tried getting the webinars based on UserID or AccountID?



No I didn’t try but that doesn’t seem to fit my use case well unless I can filter on the webinarId too.

I have a recurring webinar (on a bi-weekly basis) and I want to display the last 3 recordings of this webinar.
Although the userId is the same for now, I’m also using this user account for other meetings and recordings not related to the webinar.

How can I filter by userId AND webinarId, or accountId and webinarID without having to post filter each IDs in the payload from UserId or AccountId

Hey @sarahp,

You will have to call the GET Recording endpoint 3 times, passing in the 3 respective webinarUUIDs.


Well, that’s actually the same webinar ID (not uuid) but recurring every 2 weeks.
Therefore I used Get Past webinars API in order to return a list of webinar instance with their UUID.

Then I sent each UUID to the get recordings API and it worked!

Possible improvement in the API: make the Get Past webinars to sort by default on start_time and enable pagination to avoid fetching long list or provide a filter on date.


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Hey @sarahp,

Yep that is the correct flow! :slight_smile: Glad you figured it out!

Thanks for the suggestion, that would defiantly make this easier. I will add this as a feature request.