How to get webinar status?

We are creating a new application which has 2 items - current webinar and next webinar. When we check current webinar we have a problem, if user create schedule webinar and does’t start webinar at time, our app show that webinar online, we checked documentation and does’t find how we can check current webinar status (waiting, online, finished), BUT meeting API have it (/meeting/{meetingID})

Which version?
Zoom API version v2

Hey @osborne, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

As a work around, you could check the webinar status via our Dashboard APIs.

You can get all live webinars via:

Or a specific live webinar via:

Let me know if this helps!


Hi @tommy, thank you for your answer, but we have pro account so we don’t have access to dashboard api, we try use Reports but it show report AFTER webinar ended. Problem still exist, maybe there is a way to check the host connection…

Hey @osborne,

I would suggest enabling the Dashboard feature. :slight_smile:

Reports API are for the past, and dashboard are for past and present.


How do determine if the webinar is live since there’s no status property?

Hey @WebWorker,

You can use the Webinar Started and Ended webhooks to determine this, or the GET Live Webianrs Dashboard endpoint.


It would be great if webinar status could be fetched the same way as meeting status.

I’m not able to access the dashboard because I don’t have admin.

Hey @dmason,

Appreciate the feedback, and can definitely understand the desire to have this status available in other endpoints as well. If you’re so inclined, feel free to post this in our #feature-requests channel!


Thanks @will.zoom. I added a feature request:

Add webinar status to API response from /webinars/{webinarId}

Perfect—Thanks for contributing this, @dmason!