How to host meeting using StartParam4WithoutLogin method

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I am using windows c# wrapper StartParam4WithoutLogin method and trying to host meeting but i am not able to hots meeting.

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Hi aparab,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. To host a meeting using StartParam4WithoutLogin, here are the steps:

  1. Authenticate with Zoom Rest API, and schedule a meeting(
  2. Retrieve Zoom token and Zoom Access Token(ZAK) from
  3. Pass the userID(email address), meeting number, display name, Zoom token and ZAK to StartParam4WithoutLogin method to host a meeting

You may refer to the implementation in the Windows SDK demo app(The C# wrapper is calling the same Windows SDK interface):

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hello sir,

Can you send me one example for StartParam4WithoutLogin method.
I need to know the process with parameters.

When i am trying to start the meeting it goes to join meeting link.

here is my start meeting code.

StartParam4APIUser apiUser = new StartParam4APIUser();
apiUser.meetingNumber = meetingNumber ;
apiUser.userID =userID ";
apiUser.userName =userName ;
apiUser.userToken = “MjUyLTg1REEyUzMtQLUVJNUI0QTIyMTM2Nzc012M”;

        StartParam startParam = new StartParam();
        startParam.apiuserStart = apiUser;
        startParam.userType = SDKUserType.SDK_UT_APIUSER;
        SDKError err = ZOOM_SDK_DOTNET_WRAP.CZoomSDKeDotNetWrap.Instance.GetMeetingServiceWrap().Start(startParam);


Thanks for the reply. You may refer to the implementation of the Windows SDK demo app, here are the links to the actually implementation for this scenario:

Hope this helps. Thanks!