SDKERR_INVALID_PARAMETER on Start Meeting with StartParam4WithoutLogin

Using Latest version : zoom-c-sharp-wrapper- (x86)
On start meeting getting error : SDKERR_INVALID_PARAMETER

here is my code:

StartParam4WithoutLogin withoutLoginUser = new StartParam4WithoutLogin();
withoutLoginUser.userID = AppGlobal.LoggedInUser.UserDetails.UserEmail;
withoutLoginUser.userZAK = AppGlobal.LoggedInUser.UserDetails.Token;
withoutLoginUser.userName = AppGlobal.LoggedInUser.UserDetails.Data.UserName;
withoutLoginUser.zoomuserType = ZoomUserType.ZoomUserType_APIUSER;
withoutLoginUser.meetingNumber = Convert.ToUInt64(AppGlobal.LoggedInUser.UserDetails.Data.MeetingNo);
withoutLoginUser.isDirectShareDesktop = true;
withoutLoginUser.isVideoOff = true;
withoutLoginUser.isAudioOff = false;

StartParam startParam = new StartParam();
startParam.withoutloginStart = withoutLoginUser;
startParam.userType = SDKUserType.SDK_UT_WITHOUT_LOGIN;

SDKError sdkErr = CZoomSDKeDotNetWrap.Instance.GetMeetingServiceWrap().Start(startParam);
if (sdkErr != SDKError.SDKERR_SUCCESS) //Getting status => SDKERR_INVALID_PARAMETER
MessageBox.Show("Some Error Occurred In Start Meeting : " + sdkErr.ToString(), “Error Occurred”, MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Stop);

Please let me know where is the issue ? what i am missing ?
SDK Key, SDK Secret and ZAK is fine, I have checked multiple times

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