How to identify a user's plan via api


I am trying to determine what plan a user is on (Business or higher) so I know whether they have access to a specific meeting setting (Record Audio Transcript). I looked at the Get a user endpoint, and it looks like plan_united_type and zoom_one_type contain info regarding plan level, but they don’t appear to be a complete set (zoom_one_type does not have an enum value for Pro or Buisness, and plan_united_type does not contain a business plus enum value).

Any guidance on how to determine a user’s plan type would be greatly appreciated.


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I would like to get an answer to that question too.
Thank you

I’m not getting back the zoom_one_type and plan_united_type fields. Tried a few different applications (both user and account level) and different contexts (me context vs. some user) , but nothing gives those fields back. Any idea what am I missing? Thanks!