how to implement local record pause and resume function via Zoom SDK, I didn't see pause/resume record API

I can only see StartRecording(DateTime^ startTimestamp, String^ recPath) and StopRecording(DateTime^ stopTimestamp) APIs in CMeetingRecordingControllerDotNetWrap, where is the pause/resume record API, or how to achieve them? Thanks in advance.

Ooh, if next StartRecording’s startTimestamp equals to last StopRecording’s stopTimestamp, will the recorded video be continuous? If so, I think I can achieve the function of pause/resume record by passing the right time stamp.


now we don’t expose this function in zoom windows sdk. sorry for that.


Record pause/resume are very useful and powerful functions. Users will love that. Hope you can expose them in the next release. : )

Hi Zoom Team,

I am using below URL, in order to join the zoom meeting by passing dynamic parameter. However when user joins the meeting, we could not able to find the record option.


Do we need to make any type of configuration OR need to change in source code in order to get option enabled?

Please find the below 2 print screens, for reference :

Kindly suggest for the same.

Manoj Sarode.

Hey @manoj.sarode,

Only the host can see/record the meeting.

You can record all meetings by default as a work around: