Join meeting from url camera screen of meeting not real time recording

Hi Zoom dev team,
I created meeting request with url as below :
Then, i got response with meetingId is 953932207
Then, i joined meeting with url :
When i click “start video” button then i start join to meeting with recording mode video to host. But i saw that recording video not real time. Mean that i feel screen of meeting as pause while recording.
Below is screenshot in my PC :

Please give me advice for fix this issue
Thanks and Best Regards,
Zoom ID :

Hey @ngoctl,

To clarify, the meeting is not being recorded, or the video is paused / not working?


Hi Tommy,
I checked on cloud then video still record success on cloud. But in recording progress then audio of recording video still recording success but moving action in video is can’t recording.
Please check help me this issues come from setting in my account or come from others causes

Hi Tommy,
I am please send to you two meeting URLs created from my account as blow. Please access to these meeting urls and check help me recording issue at my side :

Hey @ngoctl,

Can you private message me the link to one of your cloud recording files so I can see whats going wrong?


Hi @Tommy,
I sent private message to you with my recording video link from cloud. Please check help me.

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Thanks @ngoctl.