How to increase poll limit from 25 to 100 or more

Hi,\i am not sure if i am on right place or not, but i am facing a problem with poll limit to 25…in parliament and laws we need more poll questions,we need up to 100 and more…so how i can do it with the current poll system.

i hope we can resolve this issue

Farooq a.aziz

Hi any help here? we are facing a real problem with this issue

Hi Farooq a.aziz,

Thanks for the post. It seems like your question is not related to Windows SDK so I might not be the best person to help you.

Based on the, the maximum number of polling questions is 25 for a single meeting:

I am not sure if you could have a higher limit, you may contact Zoom support at: and one of the Zoom experts would be able to help you.