How to injcect sound effect to local audio?

I’m trying to implement Zoom Videoo SDK to my app.(Android)

I want to make a sound when received chat message from another peer.

If I played a sound locally, this sound will go to mic and grows to echo hell.
So I need to inject to my sound to Zoom Audio Streaming pipeline to work Echo Canceller.

I’m plannning use onMixedAudioRawDataReceived API and compose sound PCM
to the buffer.

Please tell me if this method works or not.

Or another solution?


Which Mobile Video SDK version?

Hi @Jiro,

In order to perform an action upon receiving a new message, you should listen for the onChatNewMessageNotify callback.

The SDK does not yet support sending raw audio data, but we have an upcoming release in which the ability to do so will be included. :slightly_smiling_face:


Chat Notification already worked.

I want to play local audio and not send it to remote users.
So I think to compose raw audio to the buffer from onMixedAudioRawDataReceived.

Hi @Jiro,

Thanks for clarifying. You can freely modify the raw audio output received from the callback you mentioned, but the SDK would not be aware of any modifications you have performed. If the sound playing is an issue, the only possibility would be to filter it out through the raw audio you will be able to send in the upcoming SDK release.



OK, Thanks. I understood.

I’ll wait future update of Zoom SDK.

I hope you’ll implement API like Agora’s Video call startAudioMixing() API.


We openly welcome any feedback you have on our newly added features in the upcoming release!

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