OAuth for integration with third party service

I would like to integrate Zoom with Gmail Add-on. Please let me know how to get OAuth credentials for publishing.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @gsuitebiz.2019,

You can create a Zoom OAuth App to get API credentials and an access_token to make requests to our API endpoints.

Docs here:


Hi Tommy,

Thanks for the reply. OAuth app works fine for me in developer account. I would like to create an OAuth app which will work for all the users of my third party app which makes ZOOM REST API calls.

I don’t intend to publish an app in Zoom Marketplace. To my understanding, the documentation explains the process for getting an OAuth app for The Zoom App Marketplace. Please correct me if I am wrong.
Also let me know the solution for my use case.

Hey @gsuitebiz.2019,

If you intend to distribute this app, but do not want to publish it on the App Marketplace, you can request to share your publishable (install) url outside of your Zoom account on your App Dashboard Submit page.



If you need to convert your OAuth app from “Intent to publish: No” to “Intent to publish: Yes” to get the Submit page, follow this guide:

Let me know if this helps!