How to integrate Zoom JWT<> Bubble

Hi - I have a bubble app that is calling for a Zoom JWT Token.
I don’t have too much experience integrating Zoom. What I would like to do is have a business level Zoom account that allows me to have a set of users on my platform be able to create Zoom links (think tutor platform, where tutors can click “create zoom link” and it generates a zoom for them). I’ve bought a template that is requesting a JWT token, but I wanted to be sure that it is doing what is intended. Can you please help me understand 1) how to get JWT token, 2) Whether it can be used to generate multiple zoom links throughout the day, 3) Cost of this level of Zoom account (I know that it will cost more than the typical plan).

Thank you!

@ahm to create and charge for your own tutoring platform with Zoom services/licenses integrated, it looks like you may need our ISV program! Please navigate to the bottom of that link and input your information – our ISV team will respond back with plans, pricing, technical resources, etc.