JWT Token Related Issues

JWT token if free for my app and Is their any billing for Zoom API used in my Web App and how many participants can join and hosts at a time? and what will be the max limit? And JWT token key maximum expire date is max 7 days or more?

Hey @prashant.prajapati,

Our pricing is per host: https://zoom.us/pricing

You can create a JWT Token to last as long as you want, but we suggest generating it each time for a short period when you are about to make an API request.


Hi Tommy

Thanks for your response. Me and Prashant are part of the same team.

What we mean to ask is if there are any additional charges or rate limits on using the Zoom API, over and above the zoom usage charges as described in the link sent by you. At present majority of our customers will be using the free Zoom account.

Also, you say JWT token should be generated each time for an API request. How can this be done via code ? We wish to integrate zoom in our edtech offering. Appreciate your help.

Hey @shantanu.dhanuka,

There are no additional costs apart from the pricing page.

Here are the docs for generating JWT Tokens programmatically:


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