How to join meeting as host for created meeting from api?

We are using /users/{userId}/meetings API to create meetings and in the API response, we are getting start_url. Which contains the zak(zoom access token).

and I am using android zoom SDK, to join the created meeting as a host. I am using the below code but I am getting 99 error codes.

Here are the steps on the mobile side.

1. Initialize the android SDK with appKey and appSecret.
public void initializeSdk(Context context) {
ZoomSDK sdk = ZoomSDK.getInstance();
// TODO: Do not use hard-coded values for your key/secret in your app in production!
ZoomSDKInitParams params = new ZoomSDKInitParams();
params.appKey = “”; //
params.appSecret = “”; //
params.domain = “”;
params.enableLog = true;
// TODO: Add functionality to this listener (e.g. logs for debugging)
ZoomSDKInitializeListener listener = new ZoomSDKInitializeListener() {
* @param errorCode {@link us.zoom.sdk.ZoomError#ZOOM_ERROR_SUCCESS} if the SDK has been initialized successfully.
public void onZoomSDKInitializeResult(int errorCode, int internalErrorCode) {


        public void onZoomAuthIdentityExpired() { }
    sdk.initialize(context, listener, params);

2. Host will log in with his zoom account credentials with zoom android sdk.
public void login(String username, String password) {
int result = ZoomSDK.getInstance().loginWithZoom(username, password);
if (result == ZoomApiError.ZOOM_API_ERROR_SUCCESS) {
// Request executed, listen for result to start meeting

3. I am using the below code to join as a host for the created meeting.

public void startMeeting(Context context) {
int ret = -1;
ZoomSDK sdk = ZoomSDK.getInstance();
if (sdk.isLoggedIn()) {
MeetingService meetingService = sdk.getMeetingService();

    StartMeetingOptions options = new StartMeetingOptions();
    options.no_invite = true;
    options.no_driving_mode = true;
    options.meeting_views_options = MeetingViewsOptions.NO_TEXT_PASSWORD + MeetingViewsOptions.NO_TEXT_MEETING_ID;

    StartMeetingParamsWithoutLogin params = new StartMeetingParamsWithoutLogin();
    params.userId = ""; // Based on this id we are able to start the meeting as host
    params.userType = MeetingService.USER_TYPE_API_USER;
    params.displayName = "";
    params.zoomAccessToken = ""; //getting the zoom access token from start_url
    params.meetingNo = ","; // meetingNo, getting this from create meeting api response
    ret = meetingService.startMeetingWithParams(context,params,options);
    Log.e("Start Meeting As Host", "===startMeetingWithNumber====ret=" + ret);      

and I am getting 99 error code. Please, can you guide us on the above issue?

Hi @fitlifeafrica, thanks for the post.

According to our error code documentation, this error indicates that the device being used is unsupported. If you believe that this is not accurate, please let me know the make/model/Android version of your device and the SDK version you are using so that we can investigate further.


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