How to know when the limit of 100 meetings have been reached?

As the title says, we want to know how to know how many meetings we have remaining to create daily, but in the documentation and in the forum we can’t find a way to do this.

We tried to accomplish by list the meeting and check the date, then count the meetings created in the previous 24 hours, but doing this way the meetings deleted are not counted, so the number is not accurate.

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Hey @assistenza,

You will receive an error message once you have reached the limit.

You can also use the GET /report/users endpoint to see how many meetings a host has hosted in a certain timeframe.


Hi @tommy,

thanks for the answer.

The error message at the limit is not sufficent for me, i want to know how many meetings are left so I can decide if I can do an action or not
Neither the report could work, beacause a meeting can be scheduled in a day but hosted in another.
I assume that this is not possible at the time, thanks for your time anyways…

Hey @assistenza,

Correct, we do not have an endpoint to check the limit. You can implement logic on your end to keep track.