How to lookup a phone location without id

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Phone API

I am currently working on a project to automate the maintenance of our phone location data. We have a process that crawls the network and returns back a json document of location data. We also have functions that can call the API to create/update/delete location data.

The problem is, once a location is created in Zoom, we have no way to determine if that location corresponds to an entry in the incoming nightly data without a complicated matching process. What we need is a way to look up an existing location based on data available in the incoming json data.

If location id could be set manually during the create call, we could simply generate a UID based on the data and use that to do a lookup to determine whether the location needs to be updated/created/deleted. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any way to do that.

Is there some other way to handle this task I am not seeing?

hi! here is some information hope it will be help full for you,
If there’s no manual setting of location IDs, and you’re looking for an effective way to handle this task, consider the following:
1.Unique Identifier Generation:
2.Metadata or Custom Fields
3.Additional API Endpoints
4. Webhooks and Event Subscriptions