How to make attendees in meeting aware that they have to finish the meeting? Speech bot?

We would need a way to make attendees of a meeting aware that they have to leave the meeting soon as the host is supposed to have another meeting soon. The host is typically not in the meeting, so he cannot tell them… We would prefer a kind of speech bot or something similar which can dial in and tell people “you have five more minutes”. Anything like this available, external provider or another “app”, maybe?

@jahrralf No, Zoom has not yet made a Speech Bot yet. Please do not ask questions like this in the developer forum. But if you would like to ask that and get an answer, just go to They will have the answer to your question their!

@PantherDeveloper, thank you for your response. Actually I was not sure where to ask this question - maybe a more general forum would have been better. We are going to schedule about 4500 meetings in January through the API and getting people to leave meetings in time will be one of the challenges. We can terminate meetings to that the next one can start but a way to make people aware that this is going to happen is somehow not on our radar yet.


Always glad to help! :heart:


Thanks for jumping in, @PantherDeveloper!

@jahrralf It’s true that we don’t have an in-meeting speech bot type functionality at the moment. However, we’re working on adding more in-meeting functionality very soon, through the use of Zoom Apps.

Stay tuned!



I’m always glad to help!!!


Thank you! So this would then also be available by API? This would be amazing…

Hey @jahrralf,

Good question, our team is still working out some of the details around how this will be developed. To make sure you’re up-to-date on the latest information, feel free to submit your email in the form linked by @will.zoom so that you can get updates as we have them.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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