How to make meeting link open in sample app?

Hi, I downloaded the sample app for Mac OS and would like to give it my own name and logo and then have meetings open in it when users click meeting links. I have set a custom URL scheme in Xcode (myurlscheme://). What would be the next steps to get meetings to open automatically in the sample app by users clicking links with my custom URL scheme in their browsers? I don’t want users to have to log in to the sample app; I just want it to launch automatically and connect automatically to a meeting when someone clicks a link with my custom URL scheme. Thanks.

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Hi Bert,

Since you already defined your own URL shceme, I assume that now you can click the link and open the app, the next step for you is to fetch the meeting information in the URL. For example: meeting ID.




Hi Wei, thanks a lot for the reply. I should have been more clear in my question. The sample app is hard-coded to access only a single meeting room (in this case, 7171717171):

        if ([authService isAuthorized])

        {   meetingService.delegate = self;

            ret =[meetingService joinMeeting:ZoomSDKUserType_ZoomUser toke4enfrocelogin:nil webinarToken:nil  participantId:@“10” meetingNumber:@“7171717171” displayName:@“TOTTI” password:@"" isDirectShare:NO sharedApp:0 isVideoOff:NO isAuidoOff:NO];


When I enter myurlscheme:// in my browser, the sample app opens (because I have modified it to recognize my URL scheme). however, no meeting begins. I need help figuring out how to modify the sample app code to that a meeting launches when myurlscheme:// is clicked.



Hi Bert,

in the example you provided: myurlscheme://, 1234567890 is the meeting ID that you need to fetch and pass to the joinMeeting functions, you can make a place holder for the meeting ID: (NSString*)meeting ID. and replace meetingNumber:@“7171717171”. 

You can do some research on how to fetch and store information in URL in Objective-c.


Thanks a lot Wei. After reading your message I changed



meetingNumber:(NSString*)meeting ID

but got a build error (“use of undeclared identifier ‘meeting’”) as in the attached screenshot. Is there something different I should do so that when people click myurlscheme:// the sample app launches meeting number 1234567890?

Hi Bert,

you have to declare the meeting ID as a string object first, then you still need to figure out by yourself about how to get the id(1234567890) from the URL. Zoom iOS SDK won’t do that for you.



got it, thanks. i’ll research how to get the meeting id from the URL. in the meantime, is it possible to change the sample app to allow a user to input a meeting ID manually? something like:


could you point me in the right direction to get started trying with that? thanks

and can you give me a few tips on where to look/what to read to get the meeting id from the URL to use it as a string object? i’m learning as a i go. thanks

Hi Bert,

the sample provided by Zoom has sample about how to create a place holder and let user input, then get the user input value, please take a look.

for fetch string from URL, please take a look @


Thanks Wei. When you said, “The sample provided by Zoom has sample about how to create a place holder and let user input, then get the user input value, please take a look,” where did you mean to look?

I’ll look at that link you sent about getting strings from URLs. Thanks for the tip.

Hi Bert,

for example, after you pass the authentication, you can click on H323 and you will see:

you can take a look at how do we get the pair code and meeting number from the user input.


Hi Wei, I read the link you sent but it didn’t really help me make any progress on getting the ID string from a URL. Could you help me figure out what code I need to insert in the Zoom sample app to make that work? Thanks.

Hi Bert,

please consider the URL as a string too. The problem here for you is to get a sub-string from a string object. That’s a programming issue and please do some research on it. 



Agree with Wei@Zoom. This should be pretty straightforward if you are an obj-C developer. 

If the URL is myurlscheme://

check out the pathComponent property

NSURL *myUrl = [NSURL URLWithString:@"myurlscheme://"];NSString *lastPathComponent = [myUrl lastPathComponent];

This should give you the meeting id. 

Thanks Frank. I actually don’t want to hard-code any particular meeting ID in the sample app. Rather, I just want the sample app to automatically open a conference based on the meeting ID in the URL when a link is clicked. Any idea how to do that? Thanks.

why do you have to hard code anything ? Zoom meeting URL is just an URL and my 2 line code showed you how to get the last part of the URL which is a meeting id. 


Marking as solved.