How to open Zoom app from web app

I have a web based app for mobile devices. I wish to provide a button to the user, which when clicked, allows them to either start a meeting (scheduled meeting) or join a meeting through the Zoom app that would have to be installed on their devices (depending on the user type, they can either start the meeting or join it).

I am looking at this documentation but it does not speak about web apps.

I have come across Zoom’s URL scheme, but there seems to be no documentation around it. Can you kindly let me know how can I achieve my requirement.

P.S. I have tagged this Web SDK but I wanted to tag it anything but that. I understand the Web SDK cannot be used here. I am looking for the zoom:// scheme url documentation primarily

Hey @callmekatootie,

As of now these are the only docs we have:

We are working on providing all the info on our docs soon.


Thank you for this.

What does the sid field refer to? Is that a necessary field?


Another question - did I read it right. The token attribute does not change (unless the user changed their password)? Does this mean that we can only use the url in a secure environment and it is not meant for mass use with non-login users?

Hey @callmekatootie,

For non logged in users, just don’t include the token.

I am honestly not sure what the SID is and don’t think it is necessary.


Ok. I took your advice and removed the token. So I have the following URL now for my web app that I am viewing through Google Chrome on the mobile:

zoomus://<the_conf_no>&zc=0&stype=1&uid=<the user id>&uname=Betty

This opens the Zoom app in the mobile but does nothing after that. I am presented with the “Start Meeting” or “Join Meeting” page where I can also sign up and sign in.

Expectation: It should open the meeting with the user as the host automatically.

Actual: It opens the Zoom app and does nothing after that

Hey @callmekatootie,

To start the meeting, you will need to include the token.


Ok. But the token value does not seem to change. Which means that for non logged in users, we cannot use the zoom url to open the zoom app such that they join the meeting automatically as the host. This does not seem to be secure (since one can easily inspect the web page to get the token and host other meetings).

My use case is that I have multiple users of my web app and I schedule meetings for them which they can then join as the host (while other users join as participants). I don’t want to create a user in Zoom for each of them.

Does anyone know if there are updates to the (dated late 2017) Zoom URL schemes?

I’m hoping to see that some of the Zoom settings (e.g. things like side-by-side mode with a shared screen) are exposed in the join URLs. But would love more information regardless!

Thanks in advance.

Considering that to my request, @tommy shared the same link, I would guess that they have not changed.

Hey @croth, @callmekatootie,

The current functionality is listed on our docs:


Hey @callmekatootie,

To host a meeting, the user would need to be a user in your Zoom account, or signed into Zoom.


Thank you. This definitely clears up my doubt where I was trying to figure out how a non logged in user could host a meeting.

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@tommy, thanks!

Where is the best place to suggest new functionality in the client-url-schemes? E.g. I’d love to have a URL to start a meeting, that sets (for example) “side-by-side” mode for everyone. (If that’s even a possibility.)

In this ‘new world of corona’, the more we as meeting hosts can do to get our attendees set up immediately, the less mass fumbling we’ll see. :slight_smile:

Hey @croth,

We are prioritizing security over ease right now so we won’t be adding more URL schemes for hosts in the near future.


Hey @callmekatootie, happy to help! :slight_smile: