How to pin or spotlight a video?

I’m streaming Zoom meetings to YouTube. I’m doing that via Open Broadcast Studio (OBS), so I can add additional info, like name badges (lower thirds) and other additional texts. During such a meeting I’m using a Stream Deck to switch between those name badges.
It works like a charm.

But I also want to select with the Stream Deck whose video will be pinnend or spotlighted. I guess to achieve that the Stream Deck should launch a hotkey or a script .

Is this possible and how can I make that? I’ve got limited programming experience, so any help to get started is very welcome.


Hi @kwillems,

Our Web Client or Web SDK doesnt support streaming, however, our native client does[1]. Please contact our support team[2] and they will be able to help you with your questions.

1 -
2 -


Hi @kwillems,

have you found a way to switch spotlighted users through hotkey or script? I was just looking into using keyboard maestro as a go between to do this, but haven’t dug into it fully yet.

Unfortunatly not. I didn’t find anything in the documentation.

By the way: I was thinking about using AppleScript to pin or spotlight a video of a specific user.
I know little about AppleScript, but if someone tells me that this could be possible I (or someone else) can give it a shot. But either way: any help would be great.

Hey @kwillems, @robert.lloyd,

Please reach out to our product support team ( so they can better assist with spotlighting video.


Looking to do the same thing. It would be great if someone could share how this can be done.

Hey @cgrossman,

Thanks for your interest, here is info on spotlighting:


I’m after doing exactly this with a streamdeck. Ideally TCP commands to the desktop app to select caller 1, 2, 3 spotlight on or off.

Did you get any response from techncial?