Unable To Pin Video

I am using Latest Version as on date of creating this ticket.

I host meeting from zoom default windows platform
Then I am joining zoom meeting using Zoom Windows SDK.
This is the problem I am facing:

Suppose I have 4 videos as a host

  1. if not spotlight any video then pin video option is available as an attendee
  2. if add one video or add all videos to spotlight then pin video not available in any video

I am facing this issue in VideoWall but not on Gallery View.

Please comment, how I can get Pin video option available on video wall irrespective of spotlight or not…


Hi @nilefire103,

It is not clear what exactly you are looking to accomplish. Can you please explain further? VideoWall and Gallery View are both describing the same feature, so that much isn’t clear. The two different views you will see in the default UI are gallery view and active speaker view. Using these terms, please clarify exactly what you are trying to accomplish with those two.

Also for your reference I am including the documentation for pinning users and spotlighting to ensure the correct terms are being used in your description for those.


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