How to preset the user name when creating the meeting and start the meeting with preset name


We need to share the a few hosts among many users on the platform, is there a way programmatically to preset the user name and create an unique meeting startUrl under the preset user name?

I see some discussions in the following thread, however we don’t see how registration could help with startUrl case in the api document.


Hi @jing.chen,

Happy to help!

To that end, I should clarify that you can programmatically do this by registering a user for a Zoom meeting using this endpoint (after you’ve created the meeting):

This returns the join_url in the api response:

…which can then be used to have the user start (if they’re a host) or join (if they’re just a participant) the meeting. So long as the host is signed into the zoom client already, a they can start a meeting with the join_url. (I think this may have been where the confusion was, but let me know if that’s not the case!)

Does this help to clarify?


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