custCreate Users and Joining a Meeting

Here is my situation. I have a system that will have links to Zoom Meetings. The Meetings have a single host but can have 10-20 attendees. The host needs to know who is in the meeting. We would like to launch the attendees into the meeting and have their name that is in the system be used in the meeting. We would like to knot require that the attendee type it in.

We have tried have created attendees using the API and specifying the custCreate action. Everything that we have tried has prompted for the attendee to type their name.

Also, how can we launch the attendee in to the web intereface instead of the desktop application?

TIA, Rob

Hi @rtrainer,

Thank you for using Zoom and writing us.

At this time there is not a good way to set the display name with API, please see this forum post I’ve linked below for more information:

Let me know if this helps.


Thank you.

Is there any way to launch into the browser client?

Hey @rtrainer,

I’m glad that helped! If you want users to join from their browser, you can send them join links that direct them to the Web Client instead of the typical join URL that prompts them to open the Zoom app. Please see the following post for more information on creating a URL to join from the browser:

Let me know if you have any questions.


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