How to refresh token if refresh_token in incorrect



My app properly goes through described process, but in some point of time it didn’t handle refresh and store new refresh_token during few parallel processes.

Could you please let me know how to refresh token if stored refresh_token is already inactive?



Hi @romanio,

Refresh tokens have a lifetime of 15 years, you should still be able to use the refresh_token to get a new access token [0].

0 -



Hi @Michael_Purnell,

I didn’t manage to store new refresh_token as documented “Please make sure that you store the new refresh token as well when refreshing the access tokens.”.

So what my app did:

  1. Got token and saved token and refresh_token, let’s call v1
  2. In one hour it refreshed token using refresh_token.v1 and saved token and refresh_token v2
  3. The app made request to refresh token with refresh_token.v3 and didn’t manage to save new token and refresh_token
  4. The app going to refresh token but only have refresh_token.v3, the api respond with error that refresh_token is invalid.

Can I somehow renew token if I have only refresh_token.v3 and didn’t manage to save tokens from attempt v4?