Issue with refresh token persistency

Currently, we are facing an issue with refresh token persistency.

That’s why we are failing to delete, create, or update the meetings after some time.

We need some assistance to do this properly.

We came across this thread: (How to refresh token if refresh_token in incorrect)

We are also facing the same problem mentioned in this thread. What we were facing:

  1. We are able to successfully complete an OAuth and obtain access token and refresh token

    1. we are able to connect zoom api for only few mins
  2. After a while, we are not able to generate an access token using the previously obtained refresh obtained

what we are facing now our zoom app is failing to generate a grant and always throwing Invalid_grant error when we exchange tokens for credentials at the end of the OAuth flow.

We need your support to

  1. Fix the invalid_grant error first.
  2. Resolve the refresh token expiring prematurely (it should be a persistent one)

Hi @GoZen
Thanks for reaching out to us!
I understand that you are having issues with your access and refresh tokens.
When you mentioned that after a while you cannot generate an access token using a refresh token, how long after you get the refresh token is this failing?

Is this happening every time you authorize the app and get the set of tokens?