How to request camera control with by sdk api

i add my custom UIButton to Zoom UI.
when i click my custom UIButton, Then I want to action “requst camera control” by ios sdk api
but,i seem that there is no method at “MobileRTCMeetingService” of ios sdk

How to request camera control with user id by ios sdk api ?

and How to get event from the other’s “request camera control” by Delegete of ios sdk?

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: ipad
  • OS: ios12

Hi innovate,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Do you mean you would like to ask the user for the camera permission after pressing your custom button?

In our iOS SDK, we do not have a method for requesting camera permission individually. As long as you have set up the camera permission description in the info.plist file, you should be fine with the camera permission. Once the meeting starts, and the video is triggered, if our SDK detects that the camera is not on and not yet being asked for a permission, our SDK will ask the user for the permission.

If you would like to ask for camera permission before the meeting, then you can do it without our SDK, the following links could be helpful:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thank you reply

it is not difficult to request camera permission to iOS like info.plist

it is “request camera control” when open “Participants” in Zoom Meeting like the follow photo

When My custom UIButton is clicked, i want to request camera control with the other user id by ios sdk api


Thanks for the reply and the clarification. What kind of camera control are you looking for?

We have an interface to ask/request the participant/user to start video/camera:

We also have an interface to stop the participant/user’s camera:

We have a bunch of options that controls the videos/cameras, you can find more info here:

Hope this helps. Thanks!