How to restrict participant participation to passive listening with no interaction control?

How can the top three participants have complete control of the meeting while the rest only listen and have no interaction control (video, shared host, etc.)?


Welcome to the Zoom Developer Forum. Great question! Have you considered leveraging Zoom Webinar to accomplish that user experience? Here is our support documentation comparising of the Meetings and webinars

Meetings and webinars comparison

Great ! Thanks Donte.Zoom

But I am confused about Panelist and Attendee

If you create a Webinar and participants join automatically, how do you know which participant is a panelist and which participant is an attendee?

Great question, @nhandev16290 ! You can have a Webinar participant register, which will generate a link personalized link to Join. This link can be used to differentiate the Webinar participant type. You can also leverage the tk parameter to allow panelists to join webinars automatically.I’ve linked our help documentation below for your reference :


Join webinar with registration required

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